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Annoyed with the everyday water shortage issues at home, Mr. Mitra decided to get a borewell drilled in his home’s backyard. So, he reached out to the plumber to learn how it works and how much does borewell pipe cost. The plumber suggested that no matter which borewell drilling service provider Mr. Mitra chooses, he should make sure that they use only Ori-Plast Borewell and Column Pipes.

Ori-Plast is one of the most trusted names in the realm of the borewell and column pipes manufacturers in India. With our excellence in the world of high-pressure water piping and affordable borewell pipe price, Ori-Plast has successfully been a part of most of the high-performing submersible pump projects across the country

Ori-Plast offer the best borewell pipe cost in the market

Tubewell or borewells, being one of the main potable groundwater sources for almost every household in India, should use economical, flexible, and sturdy piping materials. Ori-PlastuPVC Pipes have all these qualities, and our borewell plastic pipe price is also pocket-friendly. So, when you would compare our 1.5-inch borewell pipe price, 2-inch borewell pipe price, or 7-inch borewell pipe price with our competitors’ and do a price-value analysis, you will understand the difference and understand why we are the most preferred brand.

With a strong presence in Kolkata, Odisha, Guwahati, Jaipur, Punjab, and Raipur, we are committed to providing our customers with best-in-class quality and the best borewell pipe cost. Get in touch with us for all your plumbing and borewell requirements.

Do the benefits justify the borewell pipe price?Do the benefits justify the borewell pipe price?

Let’s take a look at the key features of these pipes to determine if or not the benefits justify the price!

  • All borewell andtubewell pipes from the house of Ori-plast are high-quality and are manufactured according to the IS 12818: 2010 norms. Because of the resilient and maintenance-free properties and borewell pipe rate standards, these are widely used in tube well and borewell constructions. These pipes are also used for lowering water pumps inside boreholes to fetch water from the underground.
  • These pipes are non-corrosive, which means it prevents corrosion from seeping in and damaging piping as well as the surrounding surfaces. No wonder uPVC Pipes have conveniently superseded the conventional piping materials.
  • These are lightweight. Thus, you can also save on transportation and installation costs.
  • The internal surface of these piping materials is smooth. Therefore, bacterial colonies do not get enough room for breeding. Also, these are unresponsive to minerals that come dissolved in water. So, these are hygienic and safe.
  • Moreover, if you look at the 4-inch borewell pipe price, 5-inch borewell pipe price, 6-inch borewell pipe price, or higher than that and do a price and benefit analysis, you will see the pipes higher than 4 inches come with thicker Trapezoidal threads for better jointing to facilitate more vertical loads. It is an added advantage.

More reasons to choose Ori-Plast apart from borewell pipe price

  • Apart from the affordable range of borewell 1-inch pipe price to 8-inch borewell pipe price, that something else is our commitment towards excellence, quality, and customer satisfaction.
  • Our product range comprises borewell pipes for Shallow Casting (CS), Medium Casting (CM), Deep Casing (CD), and Ribbed Screen. Similarly, the column pipes range includes Column Pipe Standard, Column Pipe Medium, and Column Pipe Heavy.

Buy Ori-Plast borewell and column pipes online and save your time!

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