English Dew Drop

By Oriplast Orange Series

English Dew Drop

Our product features a simple installation process, ensuring that anyone can set it up with ease. Designed to be leak-proof, it provides a reliable and secure solution that you can trust. Additionally, our commitment to quality assurance means that each unit is rigorously tested to meet the highest standards, guaranteeing top performance and durability.

Price: 27,995

Shower Head:
  • A large, square-shaped overhead shower head designed for a rainfall-like water flow.
  • Dimensions for the overhead shower head: 300mm x 200mm, with an overall shower head setup extending to 345mm.
Handheld Shower:
  • A handheld showerhead attached to an adjustable holder.
  • Coiled hose for the handheld shower, providing flexibility and ease of use.
Thermostatic Control Unit:
  • The control unit is wall-mounted.
  • Features an easy operation design with a digital display showing temperature (set to 38°C) and a timer (displaying 12 minutes).
  • Three control knobs/buttons for different functions, likely for controlling water flow, temperature, and switching between the overhead and handheld showerheads.
Storage Shelf:
  • The control unit also features a small shelf for holding shower items like shampoo or body wash.
Shower Arm and Mounting:
  • Vertical bar and mounting bracket for the overhead showerhead.
  • The adjustable height of the shower system is specified with the total height being 713mm.
  • The distance from the wall to the front of the shower set is 200mm, with an extension arm length of 345mm.
  • The total height of the shower set from the base to the top of the overhead shower: 713mm.
  • The height of the shower bar: 541mm.
  • The width of the control unit: 278mm.