5000 Liter Water Tanks Crafted With 100% Virgin LLDPE

By Oriplast

5000 Liter Water Tank Manufacturer In Jharkhand, Oriplast

As Jharkhand surges ahead with industrial growth and urban development, the need for sustainable water management has become paramount. Erratic monsoon patterns, groundwater depletion, and water stress in many regions have led to a pressing need for reliable water storage solutions. This is where Ori-Plast, a renowned manufacturer in Jharkhand, emerges as a game-changer with its 5000-liter water tank.

Crafted with 100% virgin LLDPE and adhering to IS 12701 standards, this cutting-edge tank guarantees safe and hygienic storage of your precious drinking water. But that’s just the beginning of its exceptional features.

Built to Withstand Jharkhand’s Harsh Climate

Jharkhand’s scorching summers are no match for our UV-resistant shield, protecting your tank from cracks and ensuring a long lifespan.

Fresh Water, Always: Anti-microbial properties combat bacteria and algae growth, keeping your water fresh and clean.

Made for Jharkhand’s Diverse Weather: Durable and lightweight LLDPE construction endures Jharkhand’s varied climate conditions.

Massive Capacity, No Worries: The 5000-liter capacity ensures ample water for your entire household, even during prolonged dry spells.

Refill with Ease: Printed volume markings simplify water level monitoring and efficient refilling.

Stay Cool with Innovative Insulation Technology

Our unique multi-layered design incorporates insulating foam, keeping your water refreshingly cool during Jharkhand’s sweltering summers.

Size and Technical Specifications:

  • Capacity: 5000 liters
  • Diameter: 72 inches (182.8 cm)
  • Height: 79 inches (200.7 cm)
  • Tank Lid Hole Diameter: 19 inches (48.3 cm)
  • Layers: 4 (Standard)

Empowering Households and Industries

For Households:
Reliable Water Supply: Ensure a steady supply of clean drinking water year-round, reducing dependence on unreliable sources.
Water Conservation: Embrace rainwater harvesting and significantly reduce reliance on groundwater and municipal supplies.

For Industries:
Sustainable Water Management: Store treated wastewater for non-potable uses like cooling or irrigation, reducing freshwater consumption.
Cost Savings: By harvesting rainwater and managing resources efficiently, achieve significant cost savings on water bills.

The Ori-Plast tank’s ISI certification guarantees quality and hygiene, with UV-resistant and anti-microbial materials ensuring safe water storage. The innovative multi-layered design with insulating foam keeps water cool, even during Jharkhand’s hottest days.

Ori-Plast’s 5000L water tank is an investment in Jharkhand’s future, promoting water security for homes, industries, and the environment. Manufactured with pride in Jharkhand, these tanks offer exceptional quality and value, supporting the state’s journey towards sustainable water management.

Unlock water security, conserve resources, and embrace a prosperous future with Ori-Plast’s cutting-edge water storage solutions.