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Unplasticised polyvinyl chloride or uPVC is a rigid polymer with characteristics suitable for sturdy plumbing pipes and fittings. Unlike usual PVC materials, unplasticised PVC does not contain plasticisers like BPA and phthalates, making them more rigid. It’s the reason uPVC is also known as rigid plastic popularly. Due to strength, durability and extra chemical resistance, uPVC plumbing pipes and fittings are perfectly suitable for medical piping, mineral brine transportation piping, electrical piping and constructing piping. Just like any other polyvinyl, uPVC is also lightweight and easy to install in plumbing works.

Ori-Plast uses only the best quality uPVC materials for manufacturing pipes and fittings, both in threaded and push variants. The push-type pipes are the most suitable for plumbing in residential and commercial projects. Experienced plumbers prefer uPVC plumbing pipes for outdoor plumbing systems, looping at floor levels in multistories buildings of any heights, and for concealed systems carrying cold water. Ori-Plast uPVC SWR pipes with pre-fit rubber rings are suitable for building drainage water and sewage systems than conventional cast-iron pipes.

Features & Benefits of Ori-Plast PVC Drain Pipes

  • Ori-Plast unplasticised PVC is less porous, reducing the maintenance
  • Our lead-free uPVC materials are safe for carrying water for human usage, even in the health and hospitality
  • The minimal chance of sedimentation ensures zero reduction in the cross-sectional area in uPVC plumbing
  • The solid and durable material allows the construction of connectors and fittings for all purposes.
  • Tasteless and odourless uPVC is suitable for carrying any type of
  • The high material quality of our uPVC plumbing products makes them self-extinguishing and suitable for industrial usage with a risk of
  • Highly economic uPVC plumbing materials reduces the cost of ownership for projects of any
  • Our all-weather UV-resistant uPVC product lineups are suitable for outdoor plumbing works exposed to harsh
  • Ori-Plast heavy duty specially designed solvent cement allows fast, leak-proof jointing of pipes and
  • Ori-Plast’s comprehensive sales network allows easy transportation, installation and reliable aftersales services across geographies.

Product Details

Ori-Plast designs and manufactures different types of off-the-shelf and customised uPVC plumbing solutions including,

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Standards & Certifications

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    Had to do the entire piping of my new home. My friend told me about Oriplast. Quite satisfied with their product quality.

    Abhishek Roy

    Got rid of the dripping faucets. These taps from Oriplast are great.

    Ravi Kumar

    I had to buy a new tank for my house as our previous tank had a gap in its lid section. Finding insects and dead mice became a routine. So this time I tried to be extra careful about buying a tank with a perfectly fitting lid. I found it at Oriplast. Have been using it for a year without issues. Good stuff.

    Aritra Chatterjee

    The tank that I bought from Oriplast is strengthy. Good tank at reasonable price. I would recommend it.

    Subhojit Bannerjee