Best Selling PVC Pipes in Odisha from Ori-Plast

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Best Selling PVC Pipes in Odisha from Ori-Plast

Is the water that you drink and use in your daily activities, safe and uncontaminated? How can you ensure this? Using reliable plumbing and potable water transportation solutions has always been critical for a state like Odisha where water conditions are marked by various problems.

Issues like salinity along with rising iron and fluoride content beyond the permissible limits, plague the groundwater conditions in almost half of the districts in the state. Polyvinyl Chloride or PVC pipes and other plastic products that store and carry water, play a vital role in ensuring the supply of safe drinking water in homes, factories and farms. As a result, consumers of Odisha, trust Ori-Plast – a leading PVC pipes manufacturer – as a certified and government approved transporter of potable water.

50 Years of Delivering Superior Quality PVC Pipes and Allied Products

Ori-Plast is a top-class PVC pipe company in Odisha, committed to producing high standards of quality PVC and PE plumbing products for point-of-use water control and drainage solutions in residential, commercial and agricultural sectors. Ori-Plast, with four state-of-the-art, ISO 9001:2015 certified, manufacturing facilities in Odisha, West Bengal and Rajasthan, is the proud recipient of the prestigious ISI and ISO: 9001 quality certifications. Conforming to both national and international standards like ISI 15778 and ASTM D1785 and ASTM D2467, Ori-Plast certified products have been offering smooth customer experience and meeting every demand of the commercial markets for the last 5 decades, in India.

Leading Manufacturer of Wide Range of PVC Pipes and Fittings and Other PVC Products

Pioneers in the world of international quality plastic products, Ori-Plast is a leading PVC pipes manufacturer in Odisha. At their well-equipped production facility in Odisha, Ori-Plast produces a wide range of top-quality PVC products that include plastic PVC pipes, HDPE pipes, casing pipes, bore well and drip irrigation pipes and LLDPE water tanks and dust bins to cater to the consumers across the state. Different types of these PVC pipes and fittings come at a reasonable price in the Odisha market and are used for an array for plumbing solutions as long-term water sources for homes, factories and farms.

Technology- Driven Manufacturing Facilities at Odisha

The Ori-Plast plant at Balasore, Odisha is the company’s oldest and is spread on a sprawling six-acre campus with over 1, 00,000 sq. ft of covered shed area. It houses 15 extrusion plants, 9 injection moulding machines and allied state-of-art machinery.

All Ori-Plast PVC products are made from virgin PVC and each finished product undergoes stringent quality checks in the testing lab of the plant. As a future-facing PVC manufacturer in Odisha, Ori-Plast banks on its technology-driven R&D Department to relentlessly innovate and come up with stronger and long-lasting PVC products.

Ori-Plast PVC Pipes Provide Superior Water Supply Solutions

Ori-Plast pipes are not only long lasting but are also characterised by their durability, alkali resistance, quality, easy installation & affordability.

Offering a complete plumbing system for both cold and hot water distribution, Ori-Plast pipes are cost effective and their PVC pipe prices in Odisha come at extremely competitive rates.

Non-toxic, biological & corrosion resistant and with anti-scaling properties, Ori-Plast PVC Pipes have been ensuring transportation and storage of safe drinking water over the last 50 years in Odisha.

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    Had to do the entire piping of my new home. My friend told me about Oriplast. Quite satisfied with their product quality.

    Abhishek Roy

    Got rid of the dripping faucets. These taps from Oriplast are great.

    Ravi Kumar

    I had to buy a new tank for my house as our previous tank had a gap in its lid section. Finding insects and dead mice became a routine. So this time I tried to be extra careful about buying a tank with a perfectly fitting lid. I found it at Oriplast. Have been using it for a year without issues. Good stuff.

    Aritra Chatterjee

    The tank that I bought from Oriplast is strengthy. Good tank at reasonable price. I would recommend it.

    Subhojit Bannerjee