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Plumbing and other types of piping systems require a variety of specialized clamps to secure pipes and fixtures to the wall or surface they are attached to; these clamps may range from the most basic anchor types to highly engineered speciality clamps. Generally, clamps are used for joining pipes and fittings carrying water, wastewater, industrial fluids and gas. Different clamp types have different uses, and they can also be categorized based on the types of pipes and fittings they are used to secure. Though clamps are nearly ubiquitous in plumbing and simple fittings, expert plumbers never compromise on the quality of clamps, as they are essential for the overall structural strength of a piping system. So, choose only the best quality clamps suitable for the application. Ori-Plast manufactures a wide variety of CPVC clamps and designs speciality clamps for mission-critical piping applications.

Types of Clamps for Pipe and Fixture Connections

The typical applications of clamps in plumbing are –

  • Municipal drinking water supply lines
  • Rainwater drainage lines
  • Industrial water supply
  • Wastewater sewage system
  • Home plumbing

Pipe Clamps – are used to join PVC plastic pipes. They can be either circular or semi-circular in shape, threaded with an external hexagon nut.

Fitting Clamps – are used to join CPVC and PVC fittings like nipples, tees and gate valves.

How to identify quality PVC and CPVC clamps?

Professional advice from expert plumbers is definitely helpful. However, it is not difficult to check the quality of clamps, even if a customer is not experienced. Some of the factors to look out for are,

The benefits of choosing quality PVC and CPVC clamps

Zero chance of corrosion – Good quality CPVC clamps do not corrode or suffer from cracks. As a result, they are reliable for water safety and maintenance-free longevity.

Easy installation –Quality controlled manufacturing allows uniformity in product finish reducing the challenges in installations. It ultimately reduces the project cost.

Less maintenance –Generic clamps are not reliable for strength, and they might develop cracks over time. Regular checking of faulty clamps and replacing them can be costly and unnecessarily laborious. Quality clamps do not pose such problems and require less maintenance.

Low cost of ownership –Easy installation, low-maintenance longevity and reliability cut down the ownership costs significantly, making costly plumbing projects sustainable over the period of time.

Why choose Ori-Plast premium quality CPVC clamps

Ori-Plast is one of India’s top PVC plumbing products and solutions providers with decades of experience in innovations and world-class manufacturing practices. The salient benefits of our CPVC clamps:

So, are you planning to use CPVC pipes and CPVC clamps in your next plumbing project? Call our customer support representatives for the best value for money CPVC clamp prices. We will be delighted to guide you.



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