4 Layer Water Tank

Questions You Should Ask Before Purchasing A 4 Layer Water Tank

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The recurring problem of mould and algae accumulating in overhead water storage tanks are routine problems for any Indian household. Another problem faced by one and all is that the water from the tank gets too hot for use during the intense heat of summer.

In a hot country like India, storing drinking water that is safe for consumption in large capacity water tanks is a necessity. This is why one must be careful of certain factors while purchasing water tanks.

Here is a guide to help you buy the best quality multi-layered, LLDPE water storage solutions that will cater to all your water storage needs.

Is the Tank Safe from Contaminants?

The inner layers of the best quality multi-layered, LLDPE poly water tanks are made from food grade plastic to make potable water hygienic. Reputed brands have special inner layers that helps keep the water in the tanks free from contamination.

Ori-Plast 4-layer tanks have an anti-microbial inner layer that prevents contaminants from leaching into water- keeping water safe for consumption.

Will the Tank Ensure Hygienic Water Storage?

Good quality water tanks are made from high quality food grade plastic that are free from chemical reaction and have anti-bacterial properties. Water tanks from reliable brands, like Ori-Plast are made from high-quality resin and come with anti-bacterial properties making them safe and efficient for potable water storage solution for most families in India. Ori-Plast tanks are made from trusted materials that are corrosion resistant and keep the water safe from harsh chemicals.

Is the Tank Multi-purpose?

LLDPE water-tank brands from Ori-Plast have multiple usages. These tanks serve as over head water storage tanks for potable water, at the same time, these tanks can be used for both rain water and ground water storage purposes.

What is the capacity of the Tank?

Water is a daily necessity. Make sure that you get a tank that is strong enough to hold extra litres of water. Ori-Plast tanks have exceptional capacity and durability to hold water up to 5000 litres.

Will the Tank Keep Water Cool in Summer and Warm in Winter?

Tanks are kept over head and are subjected to environmental stress like extreme weather conditions – heavy rain and storm, extreme cold and scorching sun rays. Multi-layered tanks offer best protection against environmental stress.

It is easy to differentiate between a 3-layer water tank, 4 layer or 5-layer water tank by simply lifting the lid and detecting the number of edges inside the tanks. The higher the number of layers in the tanks, the better will they will be able to reduce environmental stress and increase crack resistance.

To tackle the problem of water tanks supplying hot water during summer times, causing inconvenience to its customers, Ori-Plast has introduced foam filled multi-layered (Ori-Plast LLDPE tanks are available in 2,3 4 and 5 layers) water storage tanks – this technology keeps the stored water temperature uniform cooler in summer and warmer in winter. Each layer blocks heat from UV rays and keeps water cool and hygienic.

Is the Tank Strong Enough?

Make sure your water tanks are durable so that these can hold greater capacity of water and run longer. Made from superior-quality resin, Ori-Plast tanks are strong. Their unique design makes these tanks long-lasting. Yet, they come with less tare weight, facilitating greater storage capacity and easy installation.

Does the Brand Have Government Approval to Transport and Store Potable Water?

You will also be wise to choose a water tank from a renowned water tanks manufacturer who promises stringent quality checks. Reputed brands like Ori-Plast have government approvals and are certified to store and transport potable water that is safe for use.

Water tanks are long -term investments. Only when you opt for a 50-year old reputed brand like Ori-Plast will you be sure of your tank’s top-notch quality and efficient after sales service. Ori-Plast water tanks come with a lifetime assurance and are available in various attractive colours and are made with exclusive marble finished exteriors.


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