PVC Drain Pipes: What You Need to Know About PVC Drain Pipes

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No other material is as common as PVC today when it comes to home, commercial, industrial, and agricultural plumbing. Polyvinyl chloride is an excellent choice for fluid transfer applications like sewage, hot water, municipal main water supply and industrial chemicals. PVC drain pipes are one of such applications; they are used to channel and transfer clogged water, floodwater, and sewage away from one part of your plumbing system to another or out of your premises.

Where do we use drain pipes?

It's a common question for many homeowners, and it's also a question with a simple answer. Almost everywhere! You can choose from a variety of locations for installing drain pipes. In a house, this can include:

  • Outside the house - home sewer, rainwater pipes
  • Under your yard, in the ground - bathroom and kitchen drainage, garden drainage
  • Inside your home, through the walls of your home - washbasin and kitchen sink drainage

Some of the standard drainage systems are,

  • Surface Drainage - for the removal of surface-flowing water using the natural inclination of the land.
  • Subsurface Drainage - for the removal of extra water infiltrating into the soil beyond the earth's water-holding (capillary) capacity.
  • Slope Drainage - for preventing soil erosion, caving in and collapse of a land's natural inclination, especially in mountainous regions.
  • Downspout and Gutter - For removing rainwater and preventing water clogging on roofs or similar confined spaces.
Benefits of using PVC drain pipes and drain fittings
  • Chemical resistance - Drain pipes often carry wastewater containing harsh chemicals, bio-residue and other corrosive industrial wastes. Materials suitable for drain pipes should not be chemically reactive to wastewater, and industrial effluents, as that may reduce drain pipes' operational capabilities and longevity. You might need to spend money on regular maintenance and replacement of pipes and fittings. PVC drain pipes and drain fittings are resistant to chemicals and do not corrode from exposure to harsh industrial wastes. PVC serves the purpose perfectly well.
  • No rust, no corrosion - Traditionally, drainpipes and drainage fittings are made of metal alternatives like cash iron. Despite using protective coating, metal pipes are susceptible to decay and rust over time. PVC as a material is entirely free from similar risks.
  • Strong, durable, lightweight - Compared to metal and concrete based alternatives, PVC drainage pipes are very lightweight. However, that does not make PVC drain pipes less strong or durable. Polyvinylchloride shows high tensile strength, pressure resistance and survives high-temperature fluctuations offering better durability. Lightweight makes these PVC pipes cheaper to transport, easy to handle and install.
  • Environment friendly - Because of low carbon content and less energy-intensive manufacturing, PVC pipes and fittings are environment friendly compared to drain pipes made of metal alternatives. It is a greener choice.
How to choose the right location for installing drain pipes?

Expert plumbing contractors and plumbing engineers know it very well. But let's have a quick roundup of the central questions to consider before installing your PVC drainage system.

  • Where do you want to install the drain pipes? Inside the walls, outside the walls, or under the yard?
  • What are the sizes of the drain pipes you want to use? Branded PVC drain pipe companies like Ori-Plast have products in all standard and non-standard sizes like 4 inch PVC drain pipe, 3 inch PVC drain pipe and 6 inch PVC drain pipe.
  • What is the length of the drain pipes you want to use? The standard pipe lengths are 3, 5 and 6 metres.
  • What type of fluid do you want to transfer, or which kind of clog do you want to avoid? In residential houses, hair, soap, kitchen grease and food residue can clog the drainage system. So, choose the right size of pipes and fittings for easy drainage.
Ori-Plast PVC drainage pipes and fittings - the intelligent choice

Ori-Plast PVC drain pipes and PVC drain fittings have always been among the top choices of expert and experienced plumbers and contractors.

  • We are the pioneering name in the world of PVC plumbing products and solutions, delivering quality and value consistently for the last four decades in domestic markets and as top exporters of plumbing products.
  • Ori-Plast has four state-of-the-art manufacturing units complying with ISO 9001 and other global manufacturing and quality standards.
  • Ori-Plast PVC drainage pipe prices are highly competitive as per industry standards without compromising materials and manufacturing quality.
  • We are recognised among our customers for excellent pre and post-sales service across the user applications - agricultural, residential, commercial, industrial and mission-critical.

So, are you in touch with the Ori-Plast customer service team? If not, let us know your requirements. We assure you the best quality PVC drainage products and solutions for all the budget range.


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