PERT Pipes & Fittings

PERT is Polyethylene of Raised Temperature resistance. Ori-Plast uses the state-of-the-art advanced production machine with imported high-quality heat resistant polythene pipe material, in order to make the high-quality PERT pipes, which will be used in drinking water project and floor heating project. The Company's PERT pipe and fittings are at a large range with different kinds, easy for usage and good melting connection.

PERT is developed in order to improve the long-term strength at high temperatures of HDPE material. PERT significantly improved process ability and long-term strength at high temperatures of HDPE especially for hot and cold water as well as industrial pipe applications.

The uniqueness of these materials is that they provide excellent long-term hydrostatic strength. PERT is suitable for use in all hot & cold water applications, especially better meets drinking water requirements. Not only being "purer" but also being more flexible is the most important advantages of PERT.

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Features & Benefits

• 100% original imported raw material, devoid of any recycled material in order to ensure the high quality
• The products have passed the national common test and healthy test. Thereby, the life time can reach 50 years, and can also be used as water supply pipe
• Very high stability.
• The product can be cut in any size, in order to avoid products waste and save money for our customer
• Higher flexibility
• Can be used for drinking water
• Resistance to high temperature, freeze damage, corrosion, chemical substances, deformation under load, crack growth, impact
• Maintenance free
• Hygienic
• Long lasting
• Environmentally friendly
• Ease of installation
• Outstanding Flexibility
• Cost Efficient
• Energy saving
• Low thermal conductivity


• Sanitary Piping Systems for Buildings
• Domestic Piping System
• Hot & Cold Water Management : Piping systems for hot & cold water in pressurized heating and potable water networks
• Heating & Cooling Systems : Radiant Heating & Cooling Systems, Radiator Heating Systems, Solar Heating Systems, Air-Conditioning Systems, Gas Piping Systems