Ori-Plast Pipes and Fittings continue to prove themselves toughest in many operating conditions across industries and can be found in practically all of essential structures. Whether it be delivery of energy through networks of gas pipes and electrical conduits, data or telecommunication services, transportation of safe and reliable drinking water or provision of sewerage and drainage services for land, roads or railways, Ori-Plast has innovative piping solutions. Polyethylene pipes have high impact strength and flexibility together with the abrasion resistance required in slurry lines and is also ideal for chemical industries. Polyethylene pipes are well suited to installation in difficult industrial situations. Their high strength and ease of installation also makes them ideal for compressed air reticulation. The range of industrial applications for Ori-Plast's PVC and polyethylene pipes and fittings is virtually limitless, with most industries involving industrial processes in which fluids are conveyed. PVC pipes are widely used in water, waste water and chemical transfer. Pipes and fittings from Ori-Plast are renowned for their proven performance, excellent flow characteristics, reliability, durability and high strength.

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